Contractor WCB Requirements

The Contractor shall submit, with their offer, a clearance letter from the provincial Compensation Board for Workers (WCB, WSIB, CSST), stating that the Contractor has an account in good standing with the province’s Compensation Board for Workers; the Contractor must hold such accounts in all Provinces that the Contractor provides service to BOARDWALK. This letter will be in the name and account number of the Contractor who has offered to provide services and supplies under this agreement.

The account must include personal coverage for, inter alia, all partners, proprietors or directors of the firm, company or corporation who are present, or may have cause to be present, at the work site. The Contractor shall ensure compliance by both the Contractor itself and sub-contractors with the requirements of the provinces Workers’ Compensation Legislation and all applicable rules and regulations thereunder, throughout the term of the Agreement. BOARDWALK reserves the right to request a clearance letter at any time.

Should the Contractor’s provincial Compensation Board for Workers (WCB,WSIB, CSST) account not be in good standing at the time of payment, BOARDWALK reserves the right to hold back full payment until such time as clearance is received, or hold back the amount of the arrears so that payment may be made to the provincial Compensation Board for Workers (WCB, WSIB, CSST) on the Contractor’s behalf, where such liability exists.